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Day 1: Travel day - 17 OCT

Oh hayyy.. So, it’s true. My sister ninimarini and I are on our way to the magical land of Iceland for my birthday. We’re currently waiting in Stockholm for flight number 3 into Reykjavik.

But first, here’s how we started the trip… I got the adrenaline pumping straight off the bat. I dropped my passport in the express train to KL airport. The moment I realized it was missing, my heart dropped…all those missed flights in the past flashed before my eyes as I sprinted to the train counter. Fortunately, they found it and returned it to me after an agonizing 45mins. Checked-in for the flight just in the nick of time.Thank you Azreen for your efficiency. We landed in Amsterdam at 6am and literally had 20mins to make our next connection. We pretty much power-walked to the gate. Such Amazing Race vibes. Here’s to smoother days for the trip ahead. 

San Luis Obispo, California

San Luis Obispo, California

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen Eliie Goulding and her band perform at least once a year since 2010. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching her grow as an entertainer and pretty much killing the game. With Good Vibes Festival, being one of the last few shows on the Lights/Halcyon tour cycle, it was pretty special for me to finally see her play a show in my hometown. I can say without a doubt that her live shows never disappoint. 

Good Vibes Festival @ KL, Malaysia
August 2014

FAVE. hernameisbanks.

I friggin love watching Cali band, !!! perform. Last time I saw them was at Laneway Festival Singapore a few years back and their performance at Good Vibes this year was as energetic as I remember them to be, if not more. 

Finally got to watch hernameisbanks perform. I was obsessed before and I’m even more obsessed now. 

Empire of The Sun
Good Vibes Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August 2014

My homegirl Yuna wrote this song for Malaysia Airlines. She played it for me while on a drive to KLIA Airport, it gave me goosebumps and I almost bawled my eyes out

Stand strong.

Stand strong.